Friday, 27 January 2017

Apple shaped body of girl can be turned into sexy body. Just Lose Weight in Hips and belly

The hips and belly are one of the places that fat starts to first accumulate, on guys and girls. Having a sexy, flat, toned six pack is a sign of commitment, dedication, and persistence. It takes hard work - even for a skinny guy or girl, it takes a lot of effort to get a nicely toned body by adding some lean muscle to our bodies.
With summer always just about here or just around the corner - we should always be striving for better. Not just because it is summer and as soon as winter comes we can just pile cheesecake down our throats, but because we want to be lean, mean fat fighting machines for the rest of our time on this planet!
Do you want to be a fat old person or a lean, toned old guy or girl who still boots a ball around the field and gives the grandkids a run for their money?
I certainly know which I'd rather choose, even if it takes a life-long commitment.
The key, though, is to start with just a small commitment of 30-90 days, because if we try to undertake something for life, just out of the blue, it will seem too hard and time-consuming so we will quit.

When losing that bit of fat around the hips and belly, you have to start being more selective about your eating habits and frequency,
Guys should eat at least five, preferably six meals a day, girls, four to five.
This is because our bodies will start eating into our own muscle if we don't feed them every 3 or so hours.
Muscle also helps to burn calories (which will create a fat loss if you eat smaller, balanced meals 5-6 times a day).

When trying to Lose Weight in the Hips and belly, or anywhere for that matter - don't forget fundamentals.
In my workouts and nutrition, I will occasionally try something new - but I have never forgotten the fundamentals of eating well and exercising frequently - any neither can you.
Fundamentals are what took mankind many many years to create, it would be like you doing 2 weeks job experience doing carpentry/building, then leaving and forgetting everything you were taught and trying to build a luxury mansion.
You don't have much knowledge in the first place, but you didn't even apply the little fundamentals you did have!
Never forget fundamentals, they are vital to your success.
Do not try random fad diets or crash diets, they will do more harm than good, in the long run, nothing will get you the results faster than following a balanced diet of 5-6 meals a day and exercising.
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